Fly like a bird – Paraglide in Kamshet

Aishwarya_ the sailor

We grew up reading about super heroes , demons and spirits , ghosts and fairies who all had one thing in common – the ability to fly . We even waved to the airplanes that flew above our houses . Many of us have even clicked pictures on our first plane flight!!      The idea of flying have always enticed us .

But how do we fly without wings ? We are not endowed with superpowers , neither do we have wings !!  How will it feel to actually fly like a bird ?

The answer to this is Paragliding. Yes you can experience the adrenaline gush , the freedom and freshness by paragliding.


Who can paraglide ?

EVERYBODY and you should . You are never too old , never too young nor overweight for paragliding. During my first trip we were a group of 10-12 people . I had a…

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